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Self Portrait via www.mbfala.com

Self Portrait via http://www.mbfala.com

GONZO is the debut exhibition of photography by famed American author Hunter S. Thompson organized by M+B and AMMO Books (from 2 Dec 2006 – 20 Jan 2007). The exhibition coincides with the release of Thompson’s final book, of the same name, and chronicles his life through his own photographs and memorabilia.

GONZO began as a personal collaboration with Thompson prior to his untimely death, and has since come to completion with the support of his family and estate. The show will feature many never before seen photographs from Thompson’s personal archive, including shots from his early days as a foreign correspondent in Puerto Rico, living in Big Sur in the 1960s, time on the road with the Hell’s Angels, illuminating self-portraits, and many personal moments with friends and family throughout the years.

Typing in Car via www.mbfala.com

Typing in Car via http://www.mbfala.com

Gonzo journalism (wikipedia)

Gonzos journalism was born in the 1960’s as part of New Journalism movement, led primarily by Tom Wolfe. The term “Gonzo” in connection with Hunter S. Thompson was first used by Boston Globe magazine editor Bill Cardoso in 1970. He described Hunter S. Thompson’s “The Kentucky Derby Is Decadent and Depraved”, which was written for the June 1970 Scanlan’s Monthly, as “pure Gonzo journalism”. Cardoso claimed that “gonzo” was South Boston Irish slang describing the last man standing after an all night drinking marathon.
Gonzo also occurs when an author cannot remove himself from the subject he investigates. In some cases – such as tornado chasing, wherein most documenting is done by the person driving the car and holding the camera – the gonzo element is inherent. In most other cases, however, it is a deliberate and voluntary choice of the journalist, or the media firm for which he or she works. Thompson felt that objectivity in journalism was a myth.

Gonzo Fist (symbol of Gonzo journalism) via Wikipedia

Gonzo Fist (symbol of Gonzo journalism) via Wikipedia

Ape the World via Solipsism Now!

Ape the World via Solipsism Now!

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