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A lot of stuff on and from Jeff Bridges: his films, some music, funny stuffs and amazing photographies with Widelux Camera (and some useful tips).

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Not Always Right is a blog, that is also a collection of quotes from particularly memorable customers, who is not always right.

A Law Degree In Second-Degree Burns
Convenience Store | Missoula, MT, USA

(Our convenience store is on a college campus, and we have five different kinds of coffee in self-serve urns).

Customer: “Wow, this coffee is really hot!”

Me: “Um…”

Customer: “What if I spill it or something? I could get burned!”

Me: “Well, yes. But it’s coffee. Coffee is usually hot.”

Customer: “Well, I could sue you, you know. I heard about a woman who sued because the coffee burned her.”

Me: “I don’t know that you could, actually. That was–”

Customer: *interrupting* “Yeah, but I don’t see any signs.”

(I point to large signs on all the coffee urns saying “Caution: Contents HOT“.)

Customer: “I could still sue.”

Me: “Yeah, but you’re a college student. We assume you can read.”

Customer: “Oh yeah? Betcha I could prove I can’t!”

Me: “…”